GYMSHARK 66 DAYS – Change Your Life.

On January 1st, 2018, I partook on a fitness challenge created by Gymshark. The “66 days – Change your life” challenge was intriguing to me because it was not just about tranforming your body which is what we all think when we hear the words ‘fitness challenge”. It was about changing one’s life by drinking more water, making healthier choices, doing your daily devotions, etc. This challenge was about doing anything that I feel will change my life for the better.


Going into this, my goal was to keep myself more accountable as I am already fond of meal prepping. Another goal of mine was drinking lots of water (2 litres/day). In most cases I did driIMG_8125nk the 2 litres of water…in my dreams lol. As I’m human, I do slack from time to time. Regardless, the most important thing is not giving up, picking up the pace and continuing from where I left off. My water intake is not where I want it to be but I have definitely improved from where I used to be. Get it? Ok lets move on!

Now that this challenge is done, I really do feel accomplished because I was able to finish what I started. I learned a few lessons along the way; some I already knew but I didn’t take them seriously.  Here are a few of them:

  • CONSISTENCY IS KEY! Some days you might feel like quitting; DON’T! One thing that helped me was following people on social media that are on the same journey. When you are following people who’ve successfully gone before you, it makes the difficult times more bearable.
  • IT’S NOT EVERYDAY BODY TRANSFORMATION! We are so fixed on getting our bodies “snatched” lol so we hop on a random diet, purchase a waist trainer, and jump from one supplement to another. How about we focus on mind transformation first, then move on to body transformation? This will help us stay on track and remind ourselves why it is important to take care of our bodies.
  • CHEAT MEALS ARE NOT TABOO! I always say this, “when I want something, I eat it and I know my limits” This journey is meant to be enjoyable and a way of living. The key phrase is, “Know your limits.”
  • TAKE SOME REST! Take some time off, relax, allow your body to recover. The quality of rest allows your body to recover and becomes easier to push yourself to new heights.


I encourage everyone to take on a challenge. It doesn’t have to be fitness related. Find something to push yourself and your boundaries and see how far you can go. Feel free to share any challenges that you have tried before. I will be happy to try them too!


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  1. Phindy says:

    Thank you for doing this, am really inspired and I’ll try the 66 days challenge too🤞🏽😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Please do and keep me posted!


  2. Mariam Akinola says:

    Yay! I am the first one to comment, so here is my comment… true talk about mind transformation. Not only in fitness but in any aspect of your life, you have to program your WANT as NEED and it starts with your mind. If you need to do something, your mind and brain will process it as a necessity which allows you to focus impartially on it.

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    1. alphyb says:

      Mariam out here dropping some fire points!! I agree!


  3. Dammy says:

    Great Job alphy.Thanks for sharing this. Very inspiring👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. alphyb says:

      Thank you Dammy!


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