Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey.

Throw back to when I had just graduated from university; I decided to hangout out with a few friends. We were just talking along the lines of life in university and life after graduation. I don’t know about you all; but for me, walking across that stage and being handed my degree was a huge deal tIMG_7960o me!

Before I knew it I was slammed with a statement: “Alphine you are not the first one to graduate from University.” HOLL’UP!!! WHAT!!! This is a statement that was said casually but the pettiness in me was not having it at all. For a split second I was heated and wanted to overreact lol (I don’t know why). Between the end of that statement and my response, I had to STOP, THINK, REACT and do it quickly.

STOP: In my mind, I was telling myself calm down.


  • I’m too passionate about this topic for his liking which may be something he can’t relate to
  •  All he knows about me is my name and the fact that I have just graduated
  • I worked so hard to be here considering that I was struggling with my major. I wanted to switch programs but without a backup plan I had to jump every hurdle that came my way
  • Wait a minute; I don’t even owe him or most people an explanation on why this achievement means the world to me
  • If I overreact what do I gain from it? Nothing. Ok cool.

REACT: My response was; “I know, but I have been through a lot to get here. I’m sure I’m allowed to be happy about what I consider my first huge accomplishment.”

Moral: Sometimes your biggest achievements are not so big to other people and that’s totally fine. Only you know your journey and you definitely don’t need to explain yourself. Unapologetically do you and be great at what you do!

Verse of the Day: “I can do all through Christ who strengthens me” –Philippians 4:13


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  1. kudziee ziyapapa says:

    Conspicuously motivated. I’m taking the same major as you did, so their really inspired me.

    Thank you 😊

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    1. alphyb says:

      Hi Kudzie, thank you that means a lot. All the best you got this.


  2. beautifultaffy says:

    You are such an inspiration! Words cannot describe how much of an inspiration you are to me! All I know is that God knows. Thank you so much for being You and for inspiring not just me but others around you. At school people always mention you and I always say that you are like a sister to me. I say that because you have helped me (even though I’m shy) and you also check up on me from time to time! I just Thank You for everything that you have done and I’m so glad and happy that God brought you into my life. Thank You so much sis💕💕💕


  3. beautifultaffy says:

    Amazing! You are such an inspiration! Words cannot describe how much of an inspiration you are to me! With everything that you do and say.. it’s amazing, beyond amazing. I know when people mention you at school I always say that you are like a sister to me, because of how welcoming and loving you are. Your always there for me (even though I’m shy to ask you questions…lol) And I can tell you right now my sister that, you are amazing, beautiful, and all of the above! God is Good! (I’m trying so hard to find the words and not to cry while writing this) But thank you so much for being a wonderful example and inspiration not just to me but to others around you! 💕💕

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    1. alphyb says:

      Who’s cutting onions??!!! WOW! I’m humbled! I love you!

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