My Version of Meal Prepping

People prepare meals ahead of time for different reasons. I prepare my meals for the week on Sundays because I have a busy schedule and cooking everyday is kind of impossible and a pain. Most importantly my goal this year is to make healthier choices. Let’s not forget that the body is the temple of God so why not honor Him by taking care of it.

IMG_E8158Now allow me to walk you through my meal prep 🙂 

First of all, I like to identify the type of foods that I enjoy eating from each food group (which I assume we all know).

Keep in mind that making different meals requires more preparation time. Personally I have no issues eating the same meals everyday.

I make a shopping list. This list helps me to spend less time at the grocery store and most importantly to buy the things that I need for the week, not the things that I want. My list is usually very short and simple because I eat the same meals everyday which makes my preparation time shorter.

I identify the number of days I’m prepping for which is usually 4-5 days. If you are doing this for the first time, it will be better to prepare meals for fewer days.

IMG_8160You might be wondering why I don’t have snacks here. I barely eat snacks because my snack intake is determined by my water intake. The more water I drink, the less snacks I need throughout the day.

I have a IMG_8162weakness for ice cream. So during the week when I start craving for it, I have a frozen smoothie while I work on this blog or watch Big Brother 🙂  Sometimes I do eat ice cream as a treat and besides, meal prepping is supposed to be enjoyable.

In a nutshell, this is how I plan for my week. Just because I meal prep doesn’t mean that I can’t go out with friends or co-workers for lunch.

What works for me might not work for you entirely but I’m open to any questions. Treat this post as a template for your version of meal prepping. Feel free to make any changes necessary to create your own amazing meals. Feel free to share your meal prepping ideas  in the comments section so that I can try them too.




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  1. Phindy says:

    I have to try meal prepping as well, so many times I end up buying from Drive-thru‘s cause am always on the road. So this will definitely be a good strategy for me to stay healthy. Do you put in the freezer or not

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    1. No. I make sure I prep meals that will last 4-5 days in the fridge. Lol I don’t know what it is but once my food goes in the freezer I don’t want it anymore


  2. mariamakinola says:

    Nice! I am with Catherine too. Can you include how you prep your meals and also how long it takes to prep

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    1. alphyb says:

      of course! I will work on it.


  3. Catherine says:

    Great post. Could you tell us what your grocery list is and how you make your food. It would be nice to know what food you are eating in case some people might want to the the meal options.

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    1. alphyb says:

      Hi Catherine, my grocery list this past weekend consisted of the items in the first picture.
      Breakfast: oatmeal & apples
      Lunch: rice, chicken breast, bell peppers, teriyaki sauce
      Dinner: ground turkey, frozen broccoli, black beans, red peppers, nandos garlic sauce (which I already have at home), frozen smoothies.
      I feel like how I make the food is a whole different post that I can work on the next time I meal prep. I hope that helps.


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