My Gym Shorts Collection.

Hello Good People! I hope everybody is doing well 🙂

For some of my readers, its summer time and you might be looking for decent and breathable pair of shorts to show off your God given legs. Personally, I prefer compression shorts and I understand that these are not for everybody but I hope that my 5 picks will make you reconsider. Once again, for the purposes of this post, I am 30″ on my waist and 41″ on the glutes. Let’ get started.

  1. Under Armour – Sport Chek


First of all let’s take a moment for this color! I have owned these shorts for almost 3 years, unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact name and price. I did a little research and found something similar on the UA website (UA shorts) The similar shorts are called UA HeatGear and they are currently on sale for $22.49CAN.

Comfort level: I give these short 10/10 because they are very light and stretchy. 3 years later, these aren’t transparent at all. Definitely not sweat proof, low rise but I will pull them up to cover my belly (always) and it works for me.

Size: Small.

2. Vibin Feathers Yoga Shorts – Vibing Store


Price: $35.00USD

Comfort level: When I first saw this pair of shorts I thought I was going to give them away to a 10 year old girl because they looked so tiny lol. The reason why they look tiny is because the shorts are very stretchy which is a plus. These are light, high waisted, the style is different from the norm with an African touch and can be worn outside the gym. My only issue with these is that they are slightly transparent which might not be ideal for leg day. I think this problem could be fixed by sizing up a bit.

Size: I ordered these in a small but I will suggest sizing up.

3.Nike Shorts  – Nike Store


These shorts were bought a long time ago; 3 years ago. Unfortunately I don’t remember the price and I couldn’t find something similar. If anyone is interested in these, I apologize for not having enough information about the shorts.

Comfort level: The Nike shorts are very thick! These are low rise, I tried to pull them up for the high waisted look but I looked weird. These are squat proof, sweat proof and the band stays in place the whole entire workout.

Size: Small

4. Lindy Shorts – Fabletics


Price: $29.95USD

Comfort level: The shorts are a little bit on the thick side. The mesh pockets on both legs are so perfect. These are high waisted, squat proof, sweat proof (you can’t go wrong with black). The shorts do not move during my workout; the band just stays in place while snatching the waist. The lindy shorts have to be the best shorts that I have ever owned.

Size: Small

5. Flex Shorts – Gymshark


Did you really think I was going to do a whole review without throwing in an item from Gymshark? lol.

Price: $34.00USD

Comfort level: The flex shorts feel exactly like the flex leggings which I reviewed in my last blog post. The shorts are squat proof, the waist band is thick and it stays in place throughout my workout. I always pull them to have the high waisted look and it works for me. The only downside is that there is extra fabric just below the waistband but I blame myself for that because I sized up.

Size: I’m always a small but I bought a medium.

What do you think of these shorts? Would you buy any of these? I would love to read your thoughts and if you have any recommendations please let me know.


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