Lessons Learnt During Pregnancy

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Hi Readers! Long time no post! It’s been a minute! As you may or may not know, I’m on another journey of my life which is growing a human. As someone who draws a lot of lessons, I have compiled a few.

Not everything is about me – I’m just a vessel housing, growing & birthing greatness and that is a huge deal. I won’t even lie, the weight gain, aches, penguin walks etc don’t sit well with me but I have to constantly remind myself that my body is doing what it needs to do to help mould this greatness. At this point, I am an oven and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I’m no superwoman – Some days I can do it all, some days all I can do is eat, sleep and maybe walk to the living room and that’s ok. I have been pushing myself to ask for help which doesn’t come easy for me but that’s why I have a support system to help me where I fall short. Asking for help doesn’t make me less than. In fact, there is strength in asking for help. Like they say, “it takes a village.”

Handle unsolicited advice/comments/questions the best way that will make you sleep better at night – Honestly this one is a serious matter! The truth is you will hear it all and I always wonder where the guts come from. One time I had to vent to my mother in law because someone asked me why I wasn’t pregnant yet and they wanted to “pray for me” (mind you I was already but just a few people knew). I was livid! Mama said to me people will always have something to say, you just have to extend grace. As a child of God, that is very valid. After that conversation I felt better for a day or so until the petty side of me came back to life. Till this day, I have to extend grace to her and other people who have said hurtful things during this period.

My circle might be more excited about the news more than me – We had to share the news earlier than we planned to due to some complications in the beginning. The sickness was not what I had read, researched or watched on YouTube. I realized that my people were so happy. I mean extremely happy. Meanwhile on my end, I spent the first few weeks holding my breath, terrified that something might happen. Thank God, He delivered me from fear.

People are very nice to expectants – I always say if there is one thing that I will miss about this journey is the extra special treatment. My goodness! This season, I busked into kindness and I’m grateful for it.

My pain is valid and if I need to cry, let it out – My lovely husband said this to me so many times that I started saying it to myself to be able to cope. I don’t know what it is with tears but I just felt super light after letting it out. It’s not everyday toughness, sometimes just let the waterworks happen.

This has been one interesting and challenging journey with endless lessons which I’m forever grateful for. Until next post; bye for now!

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