This Is 30!!🥳🎉

Captured by Framesandfeathersphtography

One moment you are in high school counting down the months to leave home and the next you are in uni thinking you are a big girl. Before you know it; your 20’s are done and that’s exactly where I’m at.

First of all; it can only be God to make it this far and I’m forever grateful for the gift of life. As I embark on my 30s; specifically this year, I want to keep it simple, selfish, and consistent. Hear me out:

Simple – If it does not serve me, it has to go. If it’s stressing me out, what’s the solution. If I can’t change it then let it be. I think that sounds simple enough.

Captured by Framesandfeathersphotography

Selfish – Just like the next person; I’m a wife, mom, daughter, friend, coworker just to mention a few. As much as nurturing all these relationships is important to me, I want to make sure that in this new chapter I’m not denying myself the opportunity to recharge. I deserve attention, time, compassion, love, and more. It’s time I prioritize myself and give me all these before I expect them from other people.

Consistent – it’s safe to say that I’m past the stage of making excuses. Now it’s time to do better than ever before. I would also like to think that the last few months, I have done an amazing job of building worthwhile habits. In this new season, I’m ready to be patient with myself, keep going, forgive my failures and most importantly celebrate small wins.

Captured by Frameandfeathersphotography

I’m looking forward to this decade, and by the Grace of God; I can’t wait to look back and see how far I’ve come when I celebrate 40.

Cheers to Chapter 30!

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  1. Gina Masunda says:

    I love this 🥰🥰


  2. Gina Masunda says:

    I love this


  3. Karen says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Beautiful


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